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Web applications

Link Lab can help you develop a web application that will delight your employees and users while improving your digital footprint.

Get a top-performing web application

With digital transformation going on at a full speed, an ever-growing number of services and business functions are operated via web applications. From e-commerce and customer relations to banking and government, well-performing and user-friendly web apps have become a norm.  They make services easy to use and operate, while performing an array of business and public function.

Our knowledge and experience in software development allow us to deliver projects at the highest level. Our developers use the latest Microsoft .NET technologies with SQL Server databases.

Start the journey with us:

Tailored approach

We implement projects by tailoring pages and functionalities to specific client needs and business pain they look to solve.

Project-based app creation

Link Lab uses a project structure and shapes your app development in stages, from identifying the needs to final tests and launch. We got you covered!

Web app consulting

Tired of your existing web application? It no longer does all you need? We can provide some expert advice and give your web app a new life.

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